Off the beaten path, this village has apparently only been accessible by land for less than 40 years and these roads showed it. Leaving from San Ignacio, what I thought would have been a four hour ride turned into a seven hour ride. Rugged, dusty, and literally pure sand at some points this was an intense ride and great experience for me riding with sport bike racing tires which aren’t meant for these conditions.

How to Get to Sarteneja

I took a dusty dirty road from Orange Walk and headed in that way. If you do not have your own vehicle then you will need to take a bus from Corozal into Sarteneja.

Where to Stay in Sarteneja

I stayed at Backpackers Paradise and it was a lovely place. You can read about it here Staying at Backpacker’s Paradise

Where to Eat in Sarteneja

The best fast food place was a small house a couple blocks in from the main road. It appeared to be a husband and wife living there and the wife cooks all this amazing food. I had burritos and tortas that were seriously good. The burritos were completely different than the style I am used to in Cayo and the tortas took me back to my times in Mexico! You must stop here to eat, very cheap and very good quality.