Mountain Pine Ridge

Mountain Pine Ridge

This is a massive forest reserve containing several waterfalls, caves, and natural swimming pools.

On a regular day trip you will explore the three most popular attractions which are Rio Frio Cave, Rio on Pools, and Big Rock Falls. Please read about each of the three places in my blog as linked.

There is no cell reception or WiFi in Mountain Pine Ridge so you will want to use your offline maps. MAPS.ME is wonderful for this area.

Guided Tours

The standard price with the licensed tour operator is $160bzd. Guided tours can be arranged at Bella’s Backpackers in San Ignacio. Due to the volume discount guided tours are only $90bzd per person but they require a group of four. Often times the guests will already be going so if you are a solo travelling still call. Ask for Steve. WhatsApp +501 650-6412

Self-Guided Tour

There are no buses that go out here and the roads are really bad. You will have to rent a 4×4 vehicle from a rental company that allows vehicles to enter into the dangerous region of Mountain Pine Ridge. This is not to discourage you at all just to let you know you have the possibility or your muffler getting damaged or an axle breaking (both have happened to me). I use Flames Auto Rental and the standard price for a four wheel drive seven seater Suzuki XL7 is $160bzd. You can see why it is often better to book with a guided tour as they include lunch and rum punch.