Killing my Turkey and Preparing to Cook Him Underground

Killing my Turkey and Preparing to Cook Him Underground

This weekend seemed like a wonderful time to celebrate Thanksgiving and so I decided it was time to kill Diego my Turkey 🦃

I have been planning on doing an earth oven for a long time now and because Diego is a very special bird I wanted to cook him that way.

I killed him instantly with a shot to the neck and in my tribal way to show respect for taking an innocent life as it is important to understand that we don’t need to eat meat, it’s a choice.

I began bringing all my wood and river rocks to the camp which I named Base Camp Alpha. I burried a 55gal metal barrel and what we are going to be doing is burning all my wood with rocks inside. Once it has all burned down we will shovel out half the charcoal and stones. Place a layer of sand. Set our food down. Place a layer of sand on top, and then shovel all the charcoal and stones back in. We let this sit for twelve hours slowly cooking.

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