Che Chem Hah Cave

Che Chem Hah Cave

Che Chem Hah Cave is a Mayan ceremonial cave and storehouse for grains located 12.6km south of Benque in the Vaca Forest Reserve at the Maya mountain range. Located on a private estate this cave is heavily protected and a registered site of NICH. You will not be allowed to enter without a tour guide as this cave contains one of the most amazing collections of Mayan pottery around.

The cave was discovered in 1989 by the family who still lives here so they do not believe there has ever been any looting. The family offers lodging and food so feel free to stay the night you will be impressed how beautiful the Vaca Forest Reserve is.

When people think of cave tours in Belize it is often the ATM (Actun Tunichil Muknal) Cave that comes to mind and there is nothing wrong with ATM Cave but hundreds of people go through it a day and it went from tourists breaking stuff with cameras, to cameras not even being allowed in. People also complain about it being expensive at a price of $90usd and also having to swim in the cold water. For those reasons Che Chem Hah Cave is a serious alternative to consider if you are looking to explore an insane Mayan cave with protected artifacts and relics.

If you’re interested in visiting this cave you can contact me and I can arrange you the same tour I took which is highly recommend.

Guided Tour Cost: $50usd

Things to Bring: I don’t normally recommend running shoes as most activities here in Belize you can do in flip flops but this requires running shoes. There is a lot of cool places to climb and if your tour guides thinks your fit he can take you up an advanced route which was so much fun. You will also want Mosquito repellent as this is located deeper in the jungle than you would normally be used to.