The Food

Food in Belize is amazing due to the many cultures and it all being organic and free of GMOs. Even the meat and pork is safe fed, no hormones, steroids, or anti-biotics. You will taste the difference and feel healthier.

Islands and Jungle

You have the ocean island beach life and you have the in-land jungle both offering you completely different experiences and climate. You get the best of both worlds here.


You will love how English is the official language of Belize. This makes it easy to communicate with locals and form relationships that a non-native speaker would not be able to normally do when travelling a foreign country.


Belize is a cheap country to travel, life, and retire. Food, property tax, car insurance, medical, pharmacy; almost everything you do here will be significantly cheaper than what you're used to.

US Dollar

The US Dollar is accepted everywhere in the country, even at government offices. There is a fixed rate of 1USD to 2BZD therefore people with US currency are able to avoid the exchange rates everyone else has to pay and it makes it easy to come here.